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Updated: Aug 24, 2023


Mysterious Crop Circles have been seen and reported for numerous decades. Many have tried to duplicate the Crop Circles, but their human efforts failed to duplicate the inhuman precision of the Circles. They have attempted to duplicate them in corn fields, wheat fields, and others. However, none of the corn, wheat or other crops (though folded into spirals and other formations), are destroyed. The circle, or other formations, is formed through a gentle bending and lengthening at the node (elbow) of the plants within the crop circle without harming the plant. In contrast, if people stand on corn or other plants, they invariably cause the stems to snap. The stalks inside a Crop Circle are typically bent into what is known as a swirl pattern, and the circles may spin clockwise or counterclockwise or radiating straight out from the center. In patterns with several circles, one circle may spin clockwise and another counterclockwise.

Even a single circle may contain two or more "layers" of stalks, each spinning in a different direction. In each case, the plants (though bent by 90 degrees at the node of the stem), continued to grow and ripen, while crops outside the circle remains completely unaffected and form an upright standing wall.

This Alien Crop Circle (in Chilbolton, England) was found in 2002. It has not been, or shall be, debunked: 👇

Eyewitnesses to the formation of crop circles agree that they are formed by balls of light. The young Dutchman, Robert van den Broeke, in 1996, consistent with the reports of other eyewitnesses of circle formations, reported that he felt trembling air and crackling noises “as if you take off your sweater over your head,” or on another occasion, “as if you throw frozen French fries in hot oil.” The Crop Circle was formed by one or more “bouncing balls of light,” spinning rapidly through the crop “so that it almost resembled a fluorescent disk.” Sometimes the balls had a white-bluish or white-pinkish color, or at times more orange-like.

These radiant balls of light that form precise pictograms are radioactive electromagnetic force fields, which result in short-lived radionuclides in the soil within the pictograms, created by bombardment of the soil with deuterium nuclei (stripped of electrons) or "deuterons" causing sufficient heat to bend the stalks at the nodes but not to blacken or destroy them. Deuterium is an isotope of hydrogen, known as “heavy hydrogen,” consisting of one proton and one neutron. The radionuclides that were left in the soil are:

Lead-203, Europium- 146, Tellurium-119m, Iodine-126, Bismuth-205, Vanadium-48, Protactinium- 230, Ytterbium-169, Yttrium-88, Rhodium-102, and Rhodium- 102m.

The source of these radionuclides is activation by deuterons. Activation is the process of bombarding atomic nuclei with high-energy subatomic particles. The nuclei capture the subatomic particles and are transformed into different nuclei, i.e., the radioactive isotopes found in crop circles.

In conclusion, alien beings have walked among you for untold millenniums. Their radioactive Crop Circles are the "smoking gun." The evidence is blatant and overwhelming.

Thanks For Reading,

(C) Prof. Robert Stewart Ph.D

As always, here is the actual - accurate view count.


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