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  • Prof. Robert Stewart

The Universal Constant REVEALED

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Bible / Exodus 15:3

The Lord is a MAN OF WAR: the Lord is his name.

Aye, let's ponder and discover if the preceding declaration is actual fact; beginning with the atom. An atom is comprised of two regions: the nucleus, which is in the center of the atom and contains protons (having a positive charge) and neutrons (having no charge). The outer region of the atom holds its electrons (having a negative charge) in orbit around the nucleus. Atoms fuse together to form molecules. All matter in the cosmos is comprised of atoms and molecules which are in constant motion; not still or at peace.

Matter (solid, liquid, gas, plasma) is in constant collision (at war) throughout the Galaxies. Stars explode and die, asteroids slam into planets, entire galaxies collide and give birth to larger single galaxies, or simply death & rebirth. God is constantly destroying and creating matter. Consequently, peace does not exist anywhere in the physical realm of atoms. Therefore, adults who constantly cry for peace on earth simply never mentally matured or simply remain in a perpetual childlike state of being.

Let's bring this down to earth. There are over 30,000 diseases that can be contracted by humans; plus viruses & bacteria (known & unknown) that infiltrate the human body simply by breathing. Consequently, your immune system is at work (or war - fighting) 24 hours a day from your birth until your death; the same applies to your heart, lungs, brain, etc., even while you sleep. Therefore, nothing externally or internally is at peace in the physical cosmos. The adults who are advising or teaching children today are delusional, mentally immature, or outright evil and insidiously instilling unrealistic hopes in order to perpetuate a state of mental instability in children, with astronomical child suicide rates as their ultimate goal. 🤔

Let's now bring reality into even clearer focus. There are 10 official wars and 8 active military conflicts upon the earth as of April 2021. There are also armed conflicts involving 64 countries and 576 militias worldwide. Furthermore, an estimated 70% of earth's human population live in complete poverty and starve to death daily. To add further clarity to what I have dubbed "GOD'S COSMIC PATTERN CONSTANT," look at this FBI crime clock ( for the USA: 👇

Does this planet still seem as though it was created for peace to you? Aye, elders who continue to hope for and teach this insidious "peace & love on earth" narrative, suffer from schizophrenia. You will have short durations of personal peace at certain times. But, this world was made for war games between good & evil; peace has never been & will never be a reality. Consequently, stop wasting your mind on such Baby-Boomer fantasy, and prepare yourself for attacks from evil everyday; this will make you unbreakable, indeed.

The animals of the land and sea are even at war (kill and eat each other) 24 hours a day. Each animal must be ready to defend against its predators night & day. Actually, many even prey upon humans. Therefore, you must be ready or vigilant not only for fellow human predators, but animal predators as well; still think peace on earth is attainable?

Lastly, as long as EGO exists in all humans, their cannot be peace among the nearly 8 billion on earth. As long as one is taller, faster, smarter, stronger, prettier, hungrier, etc., than another, peace on earth is utter fantasy for infants. Hence, strengthen your mind and be ready for the absolute worst everyday that you breathe, so that Satan and his demons (of the seen and unseen realms) will never be able to break you and take your soul. Wisdom of the Inter-Dimensional Ancients for you, free of charge. 😀

Prof. Robert Stewart

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