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Buddhism For Beginners

In his 7th book, Stewart delivers an exegesis on Buddhism, using The Dhammapada (“Path to Eternal Truth”), which are the verbatim words or declarations of Gautama Siddhartha Buddha himself. Any doctrine other than this and the books of his rules (codes of conduct) have been defiled and should be shunned for this reason.
I wish you the best in your quest to attain Enlightenment – Transcendence.

Prof. Robert Stewart Ph.D

Science & Cosmic Messengers

In his sixth published book, Prof. Stewart takes us on a journey through time and space. As a retired clandestine operative, a vast knowledge of multiple fields of science was absolutely mandatory. He delivers a provocative exegesis regarding: The Theory of Evolution and Genetics, Big Bang Theory and Initial Singularity, Atomism, Intelligent Design and Cosmology, Psychology and Neurology, Physics, World Religions, and much more. This book is the perfect gift for any child or adult who desires to know the whole and complete truth which is often omitted from modern textbooks and classrooms. You'll want to use this book for reference again and again.

GENDER: Issues & Solutions

In his third published book, Prof. Stewart probes the subject of gender using newly discovered scientific evidence, as well as religious scriptures from around the globe. This book offers concrete solutions for the perpetual "Battle of the Sexes" issue between men and women. It also offers valuable assistance for marginalized groups who identify as other than heterosexual. If you're seeking scientific or religious answers, rather than merely reading that which repeats the problems between genders, this is certainly the book for you.

THE REAL MIND OF GOD: (A Comparative Scriptural Analysis)

This is one of the boldest books in modern history. Prof. Robert Stewart challenges the very foundations of science and all of the major religions of the earth. Whether you are religious or not, you will most certainly re-evaluate everything that you have learned since childhood. This book shockingly honest and the author's views are even brutal at times. Nonetheless, the book is masterfully written and researched. It will undoubtedly be debated for decades to come.

Islam & Jihad (Holy War) Explained

What is Islam and why is it so different from the other major religions? Who was Prophet Muhammad and why did he wage a Holy War? What is actually written in the Holy Qur’an and are Muslims following it today?

In his fifth published book, Professor Stewart fearlessly delivers the answers to these questions. It’s time for the general public to know the whole truth about Islam and Jihad (Holy War). Hence, if you are of those who desire to gain a crystal-clear understanding of the aforementioned, you must read this book.

Jesus: The Evidence

More than two-thousand years have passed since a man named Jesus walked the earth, and these questions still persist: Did he really exist? Did he rise from death? Was he the Son of God? Was he really meek and sinless? What is the complete truth and who actually holds this truth about Jesus?

Through years of research and sojourning throughout the Middle East, Stewart delivers shocking revelations that will certainly cause you to question your current beliefs regarding Jesus’ life, family, crucifixion, and resurrection.

In his second published book, Prof. Robert Stewart explores the fascinating tales and truths about one of history’s most controversial and beloved figures — Jesus.

50 Music Compositions of Saxophonist Robert Stewart

I own all Publishing and (C)opyrights to all compositions in this book. My publishing company: ROBSTEW MUSIC - BMI (Broadcast Music Incorporated).

I've simply scanned my handwritten compositions so that you receive the authentic version of each piece. Some of the music is a bit faded, for they were written over 30 years ago. A few of the compositions were never recorded. However, the compositions in the first half of this book are available on my albums.

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