My Books

50 Music Compositions of Saxophonist Robert Stewart

This book is dedicated to my fans around the globe who've asked to see my music in writing for years.

GENDER: Issues & Solutions

This book offers concrete solutions for the perpetual "Battle of the Sexes" issue between men and women.

Islam & Jihad (Holy War) Explained

What is Islam and why is it so different from the other major religions? Who was Prophet Muhammad and why did he wage a Holy War? What is actually written in the Holy Qur’an and are Muslims following it today?

Jesus: The Evidence

More than two-thousand years have passed since a man named Jesus walked the earth, and these questions still persist.

THE REAL MIND OF GOD: (A Comparative Scriptural Analysis)

Whether you are religious or not, you will most certainly re-evaluate everything that you have learned since childhood.