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Updated: Jun 25, 2023

Greetings and Here Is Wisdom,

Satan's (Lucifer's) number one tool against humans is the word “positive” (his second is the term "love"). The term "positive" has been one of his greatest deceptive tricks since the dawn of humanity. He knows that the word “positive” will ensure that you remain mentally imbalanced and craving any form of pleasure (entertainment) until the day that you die; my ancient nemesis is a masterful deceiver, indeed. Consequently, beware of anyone who says: "Let's have only positive vibes." This person is either blissfully ignorant (devoid of wisdom), or an evil demon in human form.

This world is ending in the near future. Regardless, if you have infants, train them to obtain balance of mind. Satan hates a balanced mind because he cannot deceive it. How does one train another to obtain a balanced psyche, you ask? It's easy, tell your child to never think a positive thought without its negative counterpart. My blessed mother would always ask; “what is the positive of what you saw or heard? Now (regarding the same incident), what is the negative of what you saw or heard?” This is a mind most on earth will never obtain, for they didn't receive this mental training early enough. It's extremely difficult (though not impossible) to acquire once one is older, and the psyche is permanently formed.

In God's grand scheme of this life-game, positive and negative are merely points of view (opinion). Those who are mentally balanced love the complete truth, for they can process it regardless of whether it is positive or negative (feels good or bad). An imbalanced mind craves “feeling good” and runs from any truth that causes the slightest pain. Their infantile psyches cannot process complete truth if it doesn't bring them joy or pleasure, unfortunately.

Again, what is positive and what is negative? If my child is a heroin addict, and I simply tell him or her: “it's okay. Things will get better. God loves you, for he is love.” So, is enabling my child to remain an addict (by relaying comforting words or superfluous bumper-sticker slogans), positivity? By the same token, if I tell him or her: "You've become a drug addict, and you need to eliminate this habit before it causes your physical death," is this negativity?

Telling someone: "I'll pray for you," sounds positive, right? These are "feel good words" that make millions of dollars for preachers worldwide. In fact, most just want someone to affirm their delusions from infancy. That's how Satan & Con-Artists thrive; telling you exactly what you like and avoiding what you don't like. That's how Andrew Tate, Joel Osteen, Tony Robbins, and a gazillion others became filthy rich (feeding your imbalanced mind).

Comedians do this as well. Someone like me, who tells the complete truth regardless of the cost, is viewed as a negative person, bitter, angry, unhappy, etc., because I refuse to rob your children of the whole truth that will set them free from the lies that you've been taught, and relay to them.

Here is wisdom: I cannot become unhappy or bitter, for there is nothing in this earth matrix that I want. I had no need to entertain hopes and dreams as a child, for (by God's permission) I simply think of something and get it done. I did everything that I desired, my way. 😁

Indifference regarding the self and the world is the zenith of Transcendence (wisdom). This is daily bliss for a real servant of God.

Now, if I were to get on stage talking and acting like a savage beast by saying vulgar sexual jokes, cursing, wearing women's clothes, advocating getting high on drugs, and other comedic antics, I'd miraculously become SUPER-POSITIVE, have millions of followers, and billions of dollars.

I will NEVER do it. Like Jesus, David, Muhammad, Moses, etc., I'm a man of the real God, who you can consider as negative as you desire. However, God sees me as positive and you (and the vulgar clowns that you love and follow) as the negative ones.

In closing, positive and negative are merely opinions or points of view (glass is half empty or half full), nothing more.

Thanks For Reading,

(C) Prof. Robert Stewart Ph.D

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2 Kommentare

11. Juni 2023

Thank you for another insightful post. This word, "positive" has blown up and truly has clouded our minds and view of the world around us. Even at work we are supposed to focus on an employee's strengths when doing a performance review while ignoring what's not working. As you stated, these feel-good words feed the never-ending thirst humans have to be deluded into non-action or harmful action to achieve continual pleasure.

Gefällt mir
Prof. Robert Stewart
Prof. Robert Stewart
15. Juni 2023
Antwort an

I agree, wholeheartedly. Thanks for supporting my blog, and for your ever insightful wisdom. 😀🙏🏽

Gefällt mir
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