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Updated: Jun 11, 2023

In January 2007, a demon named PAIMON (and his henchman LABAL) tried to exterminate me; just one of many times. I bought my wife the Lexus Sedan (pictured below) two months before the crash (I can be seen in the window reflection taking the photos in the automobile scrap yard).

I was headed to hang out with saxophonist John Coltrane's pianist McCoy Tyner, but I had a strange feeling before leaving /my home. My angelic patron (in the realm unseen) told me to drive my wife's new car, for I kept my saxophones in my black Lexus trunk at all times. I listened and drove her car.

I stopped at a red light on Geary and Webster St. in San Francisco, and saw a motorcycle directly behind me in my mirror. I faced forward and saw a black portal forming and two demon shadow figures emerge. Their names are PAIMON & LABAL; powerful demons and my arch-enemies, indeed.

The next instance, a car (from out of nowhere) rammed the back of my car traveling at least 45 MPH. It felt like a hydrogen bomb had exploded in my back seat. I looked back, and the motorcycle had disappeared. I then, heard something large land on my roof. The motorcycle rider had landed on his back, but I could only see two legs sprawled across my front windshield. I thought that the man had been cut in half. The driver that hit us fled on foot, I assumed that he was drunk.

I jumped out of the car, moved about 20 ft. away, and called 911. My car's hood had flames rising about 6 to 8 ft. high, and the car was about to explode. The bystanders told me (and the police) that the motorcyclist flew about 10 ft. in the air and landed on my roof. The most uncanny thing about the assassination attempt by the two demons, was the fact that the motorcycle became lodged underneath the gas tank of my car, but did not burst into flames as did my hood.

The Fire Department, Police Officers and an Ambulance arrived on the scene. They could not believe that I didn't have a single scratch on my body & I was completely unharmed. They took the cyclists to the hospital, and the Firefighters extinguished the fire only seconds before it would have ignited the gas tank.

Officers stated that my accident was the strangest

that they had ever seen, for the motorcycle should not have slid under my car, but should have been knocked forward and on top of the car; in the same trajectory as the motorcyclist.

Aye, the demons defied the laws of physics and lodged the motorcycle tank directly under my gas tank. However, #GOD and my Arch-Angelic patron saved my life once again; just one of too many assassination attempts to count.



Thanks For Reading,

(C) Prof. Robert Stewart - 2023


Those who hate me at this establishment are FREEZING the number of people who've seen this post. My private analytics team give the REAL NUMBER below. Never trust their counts. I understand their HATRED of me, and sympathize. 🙂 👇

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