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Astronomy For Teenagers

Updated: Apr 11

This book, stemming from Prof. Robert Stewart's profound engagement with Astronomy at U.C. Berkeley, culminated in the attainment of an Sc.D. in the field. Throughout his academic journey, a predominant focus on the historical discoveries of astronomers was noted, with a notable absence of insights into their personal lives. In response, the book aims to bridge that gap by delving into the private lives of scientists, providing a comprehensive understanding of their backgrounds. The individuals featured in these pages represent just a fraction of the many contributors who have left an indelible mark on the realms of astronomy, physics, cosmology, astrophysics, and so on.


The aspiration is that, following the perusal of the personal stories of these scientists, readers will cultivate a fervent desire to explore further the narratives of numerous other scientists and their noteworthy contributions to the aforementioned fields.


There is a possibility that the reader might evolve into the next significant contributor to these fields. Alternatively, at the very least, there could be an inclination to gaze up at the night sky, contemplating the same childhood question:

"I wonder what else is up there that I cannot see?"

Available at AMAZON (link below), Apple Books, Barnes and Noble, and numerous outlets globally.

E-book$0.99 or Print Book $6.

Astronomy for Teenagers

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