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Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Yes, SELFISHNESS is the driving force within the human species.

EGO is INNATE and NOT FROM the material universe of ATOMS, but manifests itself externally during human infancy; baby doesn't need to be TAUGHT or trained to CRY when it wants or needs something. However, it does need to be taught or TRAINED to CONTROL its needs, reactions, and so on.

If a child is not TAUGHT "EGO-SUPPRESSION" (SACRIFICE or SELFLESSNESS) from infancy until at least 8 years of age, EGO (SELF-INTEREST) will continue to enlarge or infest the child's psyche.

Consequently, training a child early in "EGO-SUPPRESSION" (for it can be controlled, but NOT REMOVED) will make a powerful member of the "JEDI KNIGHT" ranks, indeed.

I'm LIVING PROOF of this for YOUNG SOULS to see. All praise is due to God, the creator of the cosmos. 🙏🏽

Thanks For Reading,

(c) Prof. Robert Stewart Ph.D

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