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HUMAN (God's created machine)

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Humble Greetings To You,

A new 1.8 MILLION year old human tooth has been discovered (just last week) in the village Orozmani, 100 kilometres southwest of the Georgian capital Tbilisi. The area is located near Dmanisi, where human skulls dating back to 1.8 million years old were found in the late 1990s and 2000s.

Archaeologists believe that the recent find cements the region as the home of the earliest prehistoric human settlements in Europe, possibly anywhere outside Africa.

The previous date of the earliest known humans was 200,000 years ago. This conclusion was formulated using the oldest known Homo-sapien crania and the estimated age of convergence (back in time) of all the mitochondrial DNA diversity recorded in living human populations.

New discoveries (some are undiscoverable) edify the fact that humans today will never know the exact date that God created the first human being.


It is intrinsically designed to its supreme degree only in human beings. Consequently, God's greatest created machine on earth (humans), creates man's greatest machines on earth (James Webb Telescope, Artificial Intelligence, nuclear warheads, computers, and the rest). This is the logic supreme.

We (God & I) have been consistently correct in every prediction that we've delivered to humanity over the past five years. Humans are far older than 1.8 million years. The species is over 1 billion years old. Much of this evidence has been buried beneath the vast oceans where many islands (and larger land masses) previously stood. There is much left to discover right here upon the earth. This is the whole truth indeed.

Thanks For Reading,

(C) Prof. Robert Stewart

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