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Updated: Dec 19, 2023

More than likely, I'm the first adult young souls have encountered in cyberspace. I was taught the whole & complete truth about this world (God's Matrix Game) from birth. Consequently, I've never been spiritually or mentally broken & have nothing to heal from. However, I have delivered this ancient blueprint to others who've attained positive results. Here are the 5 crucial items that you must train to attain in order to heal from all mental wounds:

1. ACCEPT WHOLE TRUTH No human can heal from mental wounds until the complete truth (not preferred or fragmented) is acknowledged and accepted. An example of this: alcoholics must first acknowledge their addiction before they can rectify or conquer it. Alcoholics in denial (delusion) about their addiction cannot overcome it.

2. EXPECT THE WORST Prepare for the worst (situations and people) in your daily life. You cannot be disappointed or devastated with this soldier mindset. You may entertain a best case scenario, but train your mind to expect the worst. This will make you unbreakable, indeed.

3. NEEDINESS: Train yourself to become free of all earthly needs (save for those which maintain life: water, food, sleep, etc.). This pandemic is a prime example of adults behaving as children, for they can't wait to return to their mundane, fantasy bubble lives; back to "normal" as they say. Well, a being who has trained to attain transcendence (enlightenment) relies upon nothing in the physical world for mental sustenance.

That which you cannot live without is an addiction (mental crutch): alcohol consumption, hard drugs, smoking, overeating, musicians who can't live without performing or practicing, singers without singing, dancers without dancing, scientists without studying, actors without acting, celebrities without being publicly seen, and so on. These are mental infants who've never trained to transcend the mere physical realm, and remain eternal slaves to what they do for validation (self-esteem). Only a handful upon the earth train to live beyond the physical and attain the secrets of the other dimensions. I'll stop here and simply say that you must train your mind to need nothing & no one for your mental stability. We all have desires and preferences. These cannot be erased; only controlled. Once you train to resist your desires, then you'll be on the path to transcendence. This is the mentality that you must strive for every day that you live, for you will never know real happiness until you train to control earthly stimuli.

4. BALANCE: The fourth goal of life (and passageway to healing) is to balance and control your positive & negative emotions. My created word for balance is "EVENIVITY." Adults today deliver the worst advice to young souls by relaying "look for and see only the positive" in the world. These humans are either schizophrenic or pure evil. If children are taught to IGNORE ALL NEGATIVE, how in sanity will they be able to overcome or defeat negative when it is unavoidable? Aye, if a human needs to spin everything into a positive, that human is an infant in mentality and using fantasy as a coping mechanism. Yeah, I counter this modern societal paradigm, by telling you to confront & control your internal negative emotions & the negatives within the material world every day that you live. This will give you a balanced psyche, and the ability to nullify the effects of mental pain; delusion or fantasy will no longer be needed.

They teach dependence upon others (friends, preachers, psychiatrists, etc.). I teach you self-sufficiency. Again, train to see the positive and negative (equally) in all things within the cosmos, including yourself. This will make you prepared, fearless, and unbreakable.

5. TRANSCENDENCE (GOD & LAW): In order to attain transcendence, you must believe in God (The Creator of the Cosmos), obey his laws within his scriptures, and devote your daily life to his service. These three will grant you access to God's Mind. He may then grant access to the secrets of the cosmos, and the dimensions beyond (The Realm Unseen). We who are transcendent focus upon the aforementioned daily, which makes this mere physical (earthly) existence insignificant.

Aye, if you follow this 5 point blueprint, you can become a transcendent as well. Mental pain from past events will vanish and you'll become invincible to all within the seen and unseen realms. Wisdom of the Inter-Dimensional Ancients at no charge. 😀🙏

(C) Prof. Robert Stewart Ph.D (2023)

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