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The Reason For My USA Exile Pt 2

Updated: Dec 15, 2023


As promised, here is part two. I often feel pity for other celebrities (Wynton Marsalis, Herbie Hancock, Beyonce, my former student Ledisi, etc.), because they worked extremely hard to become rich and famous. I had no interest in fame or fortune, for I'm a retired Clandestine Operative, a scientist, and an expert in the Paranormal first and foremost. I never worked extremely hard for anything, for I'm a brainiac psychopath.

Music was merely a hobby that somehow became a career. I was discovered while sitting on a stool at Pier 23 on Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco. A white guy named Craig Morton leaned toward my ear and asked: "are you signed with anyone?" Me: "no, I'm not." Craig: "would you like to be?" Me: "okay, let's give it a shot." Craig called his brother-in-law Jim Swindel, and I signed with Quincy Jones and Warner Bros. Records, surreal indeed.

As God would have it, I was too original for MATT PIERSON and other executives at Warner Bros. I expect the worst from all humans, so I'm impervious to disappoint. After 2 years of fighting to reclaim the master of my album "The Force," they decided to release it without promotion, too funny.

Venues (nationwide) that had hired me before, wouldn't hire me anymore, and new venues would say: "We only hire people that have played here before." Well, no harm done, for I simply secured a foreign music agent (Laura Webber) and a domestic and foreign agent (Victor O'Gilve of Columbia Records) and I worked all over Europe, North Africa, Finland, Mexico, South America, and so on.

I was exiled from the USA, simply because: I'M MUSLIM, one who fights injustice, and my inability to "kiss the behinds" of Whites (like Wynton Marsalis, Denzel Washington, Queen Latifah, and the rest, can do so easily) or join their Satanic cults: Illuminati, Skull and Bones, The Bilderberg Group, The Occult Masonic Order, or any of their other Satanic organizations. I was offered 8 FIGURES by two Occult members of the Illuminati on two separate occasions. My response was the same both times: "My conscience will not allow me to accept your magnificent offer, for I fear the wrath of my God. I thank you for the wonderful offer, nonetheless."

Consequently, all of the super rich and famous entertainers, academics, sports figures, etc., that you see performing around the world, and on television, have signed their names in blood to Occult groups, and SATAN / LUCIFER owns their souls. I have seen their misery off-camera and in private settings.

Whether Wikipedia documents the whole truth of my accomplishments or not, I'll relay them to you, myself:

1 I'm a SOUND INNOVATOR and the powers that be hate this fact. But, sax icon EDDIE HARRIS came to hear me play in Los Angeles and said the following: "Damn Robert, you don't sound like NOBODY!"

2. I play the flute, synthesizer keyboard, and acoustic piano, on my album entitled "The Force." I'm also the producer of the album.

3. I'm THE FIRST saxophonist to play the Hammond B3 organ for myself (on my "In The Gutta" album) using overdubbing.

4. I'm THE FIRST saxophonist to play the drums for myself (on my "Heaven and Earth" album) using overdubbing.

5. I'm the PRODUCER of every single album that I've recorded.

6. I sing the BLUES on my album "In The Gutta."

7. I have spent my personal time (unlike Wynton Marsalis who has no personal protégé after 45 years of public performance) nurturing the following music stars today:

1 pianist VIJAY IYER

2. singer LEDISI 👇




6. saxman RILEY BANDY

7. drummer JAZ SAWYER

8. drummer DARYL GREEN

9. drummer JAMEIO BROWN

10. trumpeter MIKE OLMOS (nephew of actor JAMES OLMOS)

11. bassist URIAH DUFFY

12. rapper KARIM PATRICK (my blood brother)

13. rapper DION STEWART (my blood brother)

14. pianist KEV CHOICE

15. saxman J. SPENCER

16. saxman FRANZO KING (Church of Coltrane)

17. drummer TONY AUSTIN

18. saxophonist KAMASI WASHINGTON

Kamasi chose to honor me, by using the same title and artwork that I created. Praise the Lord!

Thanks for reading, and never allow any human to hide your accomplishments due to their jealously or hatred of you. Further, if they persecute you, blacklist you, blackball you, or any other form of vendetta, GO ELSEWHERE IN THE WORLD. Never let them break your soul or spirit no matter who they are or how hard they try.

Your Living Example Of Jesus,

(c) Prof. Robert Stewart Ph.D (2023)

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